How to submit? – Becoming The Mayor On FourSquare

BeTheMayor.comThe way FourSquare is growing and luring new users in, it was only a matter of time before services like Be The Mayor started surfacing left, right and center.

The goal of this site is to let any person who is keen on becoming the major of any venue learn how close he is to winning the battle and rising over the rest.

This is accomplished by merely supplying the name and code of the venue, and the actual city that the venue itself is located in. The results will there and then be presented in all their glory and splendor for you to either give up or push harder than ever.

I expect to see more services like this one come along, not because they are fascinating or incredibly useful but because FourSquare has become such an indelible part of the WWW that developers have no other option but to give the people what they want. And one of the things they want right now is even more and more tools for services like FourSquare, GoWallla and BrightKite. In Their Own Words

“Waging an ongoing battle for the Foursquare mayorship of your favorite venue? Check here to see how you match up.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People are bound to go for location-based services more and more each day. A site like this one will give them a clearer understanding of where they stand at once.

Some Questions About

Is there something similar to this available for services like GoWalla or BrightKite?

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