Beautiful Blessings Dolls Remind Us Beauty Comes In All Shapes, Sizes, And Colors

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Children’s desire to play with dolls is entirely natural. Most of the dolls that have been handed to them to play with are anything but – figures of impossible proportions, unrepresentative of our great diversity, radiating a spiritual emptiness rather than the qualities any parent hopes to instill in their child.


Beautiful Blessings is creating a new line of fashion dolls that seeks to more accurately reflect the average female and empower girls to embrace a more positive and realistic body image.




“So many girls are exposed at a very early age to dolls with exaggerated body proportions that skew their perception of what a girl or woman’s body should look like. It’s this type of impossible image attainability that girls have long felt pressured to live up to,” said Founder Raveen James. “Beautiful Blessings was created with the simple goal of teaching children that beauty starts from the inside and that dignity, respect, virtue, and integrity are the attributes that distinguish true beauty.”


The company’s debut doll, the Virtuous Lady is an African-American doll with a curvier, fuller figure more representative of typical female proportions. Featuring a rhinestone and pearl-clad white suit and hat and white bow-adorned shoes, she embodies confidence, kindness and intelligence – she’s much more than just a pretty face.


Each Beautiful Blessings doll comes with a motivational message aimed at empowering women and children with self-love and appreciation for their bodies, a reminder that we are each an inherently beautiful blessing as we are. In the case of the Virtuous Lady, “Her positive attitude, faithfulness, and good spirit shine through. Her affirming self-image reminds each of us to be the best version of ourselves.”





From the outset, Beautiful Blessing plans to release a collection of 15 different dolls of diverse ethnicities. They will also sell over 20 fashion accessories and clothes. James adds, Beautiful Blessings represents a valuable opportunity to help young girls feel comfortable and proud in their own skin and to love themselves. We believe that greatly impacts their transition into adulthood. If we can facilitate that through a product that champions self-worth over materialism or an impractical body image, then we’ll consider that a great success.”


Given statistics indicating that four out of five 10-year-olds fear being overweight and 42% of girls in first through third grade wish they were thinner, Beautiful Blessings is more than a doll collection; it is a movement to build strong, confident girls and women.


How we spend our dollars has the power to realign unrealistic beauty standards and nurture character. Join the movement by learning more about the Beautiful Blessings pre-sale campaign on the company’s website,


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