How to submit? – Activities and Games for Girls Online

Barbie.comEveryone, not only girls know hat a Barbie is. This is the official site of Barbie, where you can receive all sorts of activities and games, especially for girls online.

You can get all sorts of things at this site such as: Games, Music and movies information, decorate the home page, watch Barbie T.V, Shop with Barbie, and seek into all the Barbie girls, see Barbie toys and dolls and much more. Also you can click on the joystick in order to enter the site’s game room and get to play lots of games. Plus, you should peek inside the dream closet and there you will be availed to help Barbie and friends try on clothes, give her a whole new look, create your own fashion designs and more. Finally you can do the same for her bedroom and you will get to chat and sing with Barbie, cheer with her, tune in and rock out. Also be alert, by visiting this site you can sign up to receive the Barbie magazine at your mail.

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