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Bamargera.comBam Margera started his career as a pro-skater and went on to become a world renowned celebrity after being part of the MTV show “Jackass” and later “Viva La Bam”. On this site Bam fans will be able to stay updated on his recent projects, have access to photos, find information on him and the people he works with, and even purchase official Bam Margera merchandise.

The guy’s got a lot going on so if you want to find out what’s happening with his new music label, or want to know where you can catch the “Viva La Bands” tour, this is the place to be. All information his many projects is available on this site. There’s many links to Bam related websites so you don’t miss out on a single piece of news. The site also features a message board where you can post your comments or read what others have to say and if you want to be just like Bam, you can purchase skateboards, clothing, shoes, eyewear, hats, accessories, and more.

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