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Hot Off The Lot – Autoswaprz Rolls Out A Customer-Friendly Automotive Marketplace

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No one will miss the days when the process of buying a car resembled preparing for battle – arming yourself against the siege of advertisements, bracing to fight with underhanded salesmen, scouting different lots endlessly. Should it be so difficult to find the vehicle you want, at the price you want, without hassles? doesn’t think so.




Autoswaprz is an online automotive marketplace where people can buy, sell, and swap vehicles. You can find the car you’re looking for by browsing by zip code, owners, dealers, and searching according to body type, make, model, price, year, mileage or other factors. What you can’t find here is a website choked with advertisements.


Abandoning the tradition of advertisements and featured listings that fill similar platforms, Autoswaprz looks to make it fast and easy to locate vehicles. An uncluttered design and simple navigation intend to make the experience of shopping for wheels online painless.




Self-described gear head and car enthusiast Chris Zink created Autoswaprz as a solution to his own shopping frustrations. Like so many, he couldn’t stand the distraction of ads. Having to manage cumbersome filters, swerve through pages before seeing actual listings, dealing with the crooks and cranks on Craigslist, all made him think it was time to do business differently. Unlike the majority of us, he left his job and devoted himself to realizing his vision of a better automotive marketplace.


It’s amazing where the customer-first approach can take an entrepreneur. Zink worked for a year developing his marketplace in Kansas City. From 50 local dealerships and 14,000 listings, he’s quickly expanded Autoswaprz into a nationwide company with over a million vehicle listings on the site.




There’s no charge for individuals to list on Autoswaprz. Each listing is allowed up to 20 photos. Posts stay up for 15 days and are free to renew. Sellers save on upfront costs and stand a better chance of their listings being seen thanks to the lack of spam and ads. Shoppers can store favorite listings in their “garage,” so it’s easy to keep track of vehicles.


The potential to swap wheels is another standout feature of Autoswaprz. Maybe you’re ready to cut loose and trade in the truck for a motorcycle? Maybe the family is about to grow and it makes more sense to have an SUV than that Corvette? Arranging a swap is a great financial alternative to another purchase – maybe the only option, for those of us who don’t have the space to grow a collection or the budget for extra wheels. Swappers can list items for trade on Autoswaprz and connect through the Listing Message Boards. Dealers can check out inventory listing services here.


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