Good Riddance Drab Reports! Autographic Insight Creates Data Visualizations And Infographics That Will Wow Clients

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“Max, I really enjoyed scanning through those columns of numbers for the info I needed.” “Glad to hear it, Bill. I really enjoyed collecting the data and re-tabulating results every day for the last two weeks.” You’ve never heard that conversation before, because no one – no one – likes reports. They’re tedious, we’ve seen them a million times, and they’re never going to change. Right? Not if London startup Autographic Insight can help matters.





Autographic Insight software converts Excel-based reports into infographics and visual representations hosted online. The company aims to transform ungainly data into visually-appealing information more digestible and less time consuming to create. Managing Director Max Lewis adds, “We believe it is time to refresh the world of reporting with interactive, visual reports that make the data easier to understand and draw insight from.”





Even if your business dealings never extended beyond a high school economics class, you would have suffered at some point when asked to analyze and interpret a screen that looked something like this:





Here’s what that same report looks like with the help of Autographic Insight:




Sharp Appearance and Improved User Experience

We need reports to track and share important data, but they often take a great deal of effort to organize then explain, and even more effort to comprehend. Autographic Insight replaces sets of raw numbers from numerous sources with data visualizations and infographics that tell a more compelling story. Automated data visualizations reduce the workload of extracting data, and they construct reports so information is easy to grasp and more illuminating. What’s more, made to order (or bespoke) designs allow each company to generate reports in the most suitable format.


Creative Director David Jacobs believes this customized experience will distinguish Autographic Insight from the competition, noting “We spend a great deal of time understanding our client’s needs prior to starting the design to ensure that all of their key metrics are prominently displayed. All companies are different, and reporting should not be a one-size-fits-all solution.”




Reports made with Autographic Insight update automatically from any API or mobile application. This easy access to real-time information saves both money and time. Archived reports make it easy to compare data and eliminate the need for manual recalculations.


Like their streamlined reports, Lewis and Jacobs combined their specialities to launch Autographic Insight. Lewis is also the co-founder of Your Megastore (a fundraising via shopping platform), and previously worked at Starcom Mediavest Group, Festivalbus, and Last Second Tickets. Jacobs heads a full-service brand building and web development creative agency, Great Minds Design.



Elegant and Efficient

The designs of Autographic Insight render information more intelligible thanks to tools such as the following and more:


  • Interactive and clear visualizations
  • Maps and charts with easy-to-navigate filters
  • Intuitive metrics and key performance indicators
  • Adjustable searches
  • Scroll-over additional figures
  • Drill-down, removable, or elaborated data by simple click





Given the enormous amounts of data we ask our eyes to process for us, they can use all the assistance available. Take a more thorough tour of report features by sampling this demo. For more information, contact Autographic Insights here.


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