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Does Data Really Matter To Your Startup? Definitely, Maybe.

There’s been a huge amount of conversation over the past few years about data-driven startups, the power of great analytics and how to use data as a tool to make better decisions. So much so that a whole new crop of incredibly expensive and, apparently, incredibly smart people have appeared in Silicon Valley. I’ve even heard whispers that, as the owner of a startup, the next most important hire your company will make is the Head of...

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Realizing Your Big Ideas: Popset Founder Jan Senderek Shares His Story And Advice

Jan Senderek is the founder/CEO of Popset, a growing, collaborative photo album application launched earlier this year and a proud part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2012 batch. Senderek and his friends were tired of wasting time trying to track down photos from each other, so they created Popset, a free iPhone app that makes it easy for friends to edit photos and created shared albums. No more texting or emailing photos to each...

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