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ClearStory Data – Helping Startups Find Enlightenment

Clearstory Data, a recently launched start-up, has all the key ingredients for success. It has new and valuable technology, it has great VC backers, and it has Sharmila Shahani-Mulligan.   The technology compiles companies’ data with existing data on the web and other databases in order to get insight into trends that may otherwise have been ignored.  For example, Starbucks could combine their sales data with weather patterns to...

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How To Attract New Customers Without Alienating Returning Ones

We’ve all had that moment when we buy that new something just to find out a week later that the price dropped fifty percent. It’s so frustrating.  And studies now show that these deep sales can significantly decrease your profits.   Eric T. Anderson and Duncan I. Simester recently published a study for Kellogg School of Management that shows that dropping prices antagonizes your loyal, returning customers and causes an...

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Budget Cuts? Be Careful What You Sacrifice

With the Economy down and budget cuts on the rise, customer service is often first to be cut.  When money gets tight, telephone operators are replaced with voice recordings, service staff is laid off, and customers suffer the consequences.  Many business owners neglect to see the importance of great customer service.   Customer service is so important because it is what keeps people coming back to your brand instead of turning to...

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