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With Aura Glass, You’ll Never Spill Your Wine Again

aura glass
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My boyfriend likes to say that I’m not very “body aware.” That’s his nice way of saying I’m clumsy. In the past year or so my clumsiness has definitely gotten to be less but, unfortunately, I have to admit that he’s totally right. I was the girl who always had bruises on her shins and I’m the woman who is very, very likely to drop dishes in the sink.


So products like Aura Glass are kind of perfect for people like me. Aura Glass is a brand new take on the classic wine glass. Instead of a bulbous top teetering on a long, thin stem (and I can’t even tell you how many of those stems I’ve broken over the years), the Aura Glass is configured to balance on its side and a ball on the bottom. Now, before you freak out, let me clarify that it’s perfectly balanced to never fall over, unless you, like, flip it upside down. And if you’re flipping wine glasses upside down, you’re probably done for the night anyway.


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.10.22 AM


The Aura Glass has a little weighted ball on the bottom that provides a perfect center of gravity for swishing and swirling your wine in order to release its flavors and aromas. (Or for looking like you know what you’re doing when you pour wine for guests because, let’s be real, that’s like 80% of that ritual.) Their idea is to create a decanter and a glass all in one, so that all of your wines get the breathing experience they deserve.


As for design, the creators of Aura Glass are committed to the simplicity of classic glassware design, which mean you’ll be getting that high-end, minimal, handcrafted look and feel while still being able to rely on the consistency of a machine-made object.


So the Aura Glass is a wine glass that makes wine taste better and is virtually impossible to knock over and break? It sounds like the ideal wine glass to me. Check out their website here for more details or contribute to their Kickstarter campaign after September 29 and get on the early bird list for your own Aura Glasses!


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