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AudioTag.infoThis site touts itself as a music recognition robot. That is a suitable definition, as through it you will be able to find all about songs that you have on MP3 format and that you know nothing about since track information is conspicuous by its absence.

You might think that is something strange or unusual, but any music fanatic can tell you otherwise. There are bands nobody knows anything about. And I mean it. For example, I recently bought an album by the band Lonesome Romeos. Try looking them up online, and tell me how long it takes you to learn anything about them at all.

The way this system works is not that difficult to apprehend, if only because the service it renders is so punctual. All you have to do is upload the suspect to the site for it to be analyzed and the results be presented back to you. Actually, there is something else that has to be done – you must prove that you are a human user while uploading the track. That is certainly annoying, but if it goes into making the site a better (and smoother) one then I won’t complain. In Their Own Words

“Your Music Recognition Robot.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Music lovers are certainly going to cherish having such an engine available – it won’t work 100 % perfect, but it comes pretty close.

Some Questions About

How can the results become even more accurate? Can that ever be accomplished?

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