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Asking and answering questions make up the foundation upon which was built. The Askville site functions as a subsidiary of the widely popular network of websites and offers community members the opportunity to interact with users from around the world. The site’s mantra centers around the concept of asking a question and finding an answer and some may sign up to simply ask as many questions as they can think of, or help others out by providing answers to queries, or act as question asker and answerer at different times.

To participate, users must sign up on and then they can ask or answer questions from a choice of several categories. In the Lifestyle category, questions can be found related to relationships, beauty, and sexuality. Food and Drink is where questions regarding recipes, restaurants, and vegan diet can be found. Animal lovers will find a number of interesting topics discussed in the Pets section and those with concerns for the world and nature around them will feel right at home in the Environment category. Other Q&A topics include Sports, Family, Science, and Games.

The Good Neighbor Policy found on governs the behavior of all posters and requests they act with respect, honesty, and tact toward others at all times and in all interactions. Violators risk loss of their rights to access the website. Community members can visit the FAQ page to find out the basics of how to best use the site and how to make the most of their homepage features to follow categories of interest and track their questions and answers.

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