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AskMeEvery.comWho tracks data by sitting down in front of his computer at the end of the day when there’s services like Ask Me Every around? This new platform makes for having data inputted using one’s mobile, the minute it should be recorded. You can instruct Ask Me to ask you anything that you want to track over time by sending out timely SMSes, and by answering these texts messages you will be creating a detailed record with the data in question.

This can come useful in lots and lots of different scenarios. For example, people who want to quit smoking and who are doing that gradually can use Ask Me Every to keep track of how many cigarettes they’re actually having each day. And people who are trying to get fit can turn to Ask Me Every to have the miles they run graphed and plotted. Ask Me Every is fast, and it sure reduces the chances of bypassing to input data at the end of the day because you are just too tired to turn on your computer, open a log and type everything down. In Their Own Words

Simple, effortless collection of personal data with SMS.

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