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Share on: is a superstore in the UK that sells groceries and more. At the website you find a store locater that works by zip code or city to bring you to the results that are nearest to the zip or city data you enter. Customer service allows for returns and exchanges. has your account otherwise known as ‘Your ASDA’ for sharing the latest developments in grocery products and other ASDA merchandise. You can read about unique grocery shoppers and contests you might enter.

At you will discover the charities supported by this shopping establishment. You will also find out about the organization’s sustainability goals. ASDA requested that customers share their views on sustainability and personal projects for making their lives ‘greener’ and they got responses, over 6000 of them which they reissued into a report that can be downloaded by anyone who is interested to view and save to their own files.

There are many sustainable products or procedures carried on at ADSD and these include trading in sustainable palm oil or fish, using organic and fair trade goods, the implementation of local sourcing and ‘green’ packaging.

At you can read about the low carbon beef being produced for and sold at this store or ADSD’s fish labeling, fish labeling that names the ocean the fish was sourced from.

Stores use more natural lighting sources, delivery trucks are being abandoned in favor of rail systems to save energy, while the cargo on the trains is being shipped in double decked trailers. Plus, in more and more areas home grocery delivery is available to the consumer, which cuts back on road and fuel use overall. has all the details.

Then there is the online store where you can record your own lists, browse all the available products, view the special ‘cookbook’ or order your groceries online with an occasional chance for free delivery.

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