How to submit? – Unique and Personalized Gifts is the destination for unique gifts throughout the year. Shoppers can easily create their own stuff and look through galleries of things that other people have made. These gifts are all unique because they are personalized with unique pictures. Some things that shoppers can make include: photo books, photo bags, canvas prints, cards, stationary, USB plugs and watches. There are hundreds of different gifts that can be made for all desires and budgets to enjoy. Arts Cow also has a forums section on their website with facts about the site, reviews for the products, discussions on how to create things and much more. Users can easily become members of for free and join in on all the conversations as they please.

Individuals that are looking to save money can search through the discount and special sales section of Arts Cow online. This shows which products are on sale and how much they are. In addition to this, there are also directions for how to make different things. Ordering is both fast and easy for all users to do.

Digital scrapbooking can be created through for anyone that wants to make something much simpler than a regular scrapbook. This is easy to do, can still turn out unique and is a lot more affordable than making a book at home. There are bi-weekly scrapbooking kit contests for members of the site as well, which can result in cash prizes for the winners. All that is required in order to join is a membership, which is free and easy to get.

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