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When you visit, a banner welcomes you as a guest and invites you to explore the many features that make this an attractive and fun social media site. Visit the tag wall, take a quiz, or go for a laugh on the joke page. Once you’ve signed up, you can blog, set up a profile, post videos and pictures and compete in one of Arto’s open battle games. Post links to your favorite musical groups or see what new sensation has your fellow members dancing.

Cursor down on the main page and try some of the free games such as Bubble Shooter, Gold Miner Classic, Mahjongg and Playing with Fire. You don’t have to join to play. Just click on any game and start playing. Bubble Shooter was impressive with the responsiveness of the game. If you’re addicted to quizzes, try “Are You Like a Tiger,” “Are You Sweet or Sour” or “Naruto and Pain.” Music videos from Kings of Flow and Trekz are just a few of the current musical offerings at Arto.

Arto members also have their choice of groups to join: from help groups where computer gurus solve your networking problems to make up and fashion groups, to groups where sports fans can discuss their team’s triumphs and defeats.

Some of the categories listed may still be blank when you go exploring as is a relatively new site, but an online presence of over 11,000 is not that bad. Arto is already a vibrant and exciting place to be. It’s a fresh face on the social media site and a great opportunity to be in at the beginning of a social phenomenon.

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