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ArtisticSensations.comThis company specializes in the sale of custom furniture and room décor for children – the age range goes from babies and toddlers to those children in college age. Its tagline is actually “Where whimsical meets practical in the art of room design”, and that is quite an apt way of transmitting its essence across if you ask me.

The site, then, is subdivided into a wealth of different categories including “Bedding”, “Furniture”, and “Room Décor””. Besides, categories denominated “Play & Study Rooms” and “Room Themes” are part of the main navigation menu, a menu which also includes a “Gift Ideas” section for those who could use a hand when picking the suitable gift for the right one.

When all is said and done, the company aims to let parents come up with the perfect room for their children – one that represents all their hopes and fantasies, and one which will nurture their imagination during the years when their vision of the world is developing. If you have children, checking it out comes highly recommended. In Their Own Words

“Where whimsical meets practical in the art of room design.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Parents are certain to find the range of products very inspiring and satisfying.

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What are the shipping and handling fees that apply?

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