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Great art is not only just the inspiration of the artist – it is the sum total of that artist’s background, education and experience. The Art Institutes, at, is an educational institution that provides broad training in a whole range of artistic endeavor, from design to media arts to fashion and culinary science. They have over 50 campuses nationwide, plus online learning opportunities.

Those interested in potentially becoming a student at the Institutes can use to look over their offerings and go more in depth on subjects of interest. Each major educational area is broken down into various sub-specialties. Those who like the visual arts, for example, can check out training in advertising as well as graphic, industrial and interior design. If fashion is your calling, offers classes in both design and fashion management, providing a teaching staff with real-world experience to help you get your feet wet. The same applies to all their specialty areas. walks new students through the admissions process quickly and efficiently, with the ability to apply right on the site. There is a lot of information about tuition and fees, the various financial aid packages available, and a special section on returning students and those who have military service in their background. Visitors to Artinstitutes may chat with an admissions person at any time during their online session in order to have questions answered and receive personalized service. Otherwise interested students may enter their information on a form provided on for prompt followup.

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