– Argo Community High School of Summerville has It All Covered

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For a well rounded high school education, Argo Community High School has everything the student wants: sports, cheerleading, academics and interested class mates. Here you will find the curriculum that will fulfill your dreams and honor your goals. lists all the teachers and other authoritative figures at their website complete with their electronic mail contact address which simplifies matters if you have a question with any of them. Each one is ready to commit to the community of the school by answering questions and offering solutions to the student’s problems or just offering reassurance.

Departments for Argo High are Contemporary Technology including Business Education, Family and consumer Science, and Industrial Technology. The classic basics of English, including Honors English, Humanities, Math and Science are taught. Argo also includes Physical Education and the foreign languages of French and Spanish.

At visitors can view the activities calendar. A book club, Argo Reads, offers book reviews on the website. Argo has a Learning Resource Center that is open during school hours and after hours on Mondays and Wednesdays from three until five in the afternoon.

The school district information is included at and prime information is displayed about the school’s board, their policies, and their scholarship foundation for those wishing to locate scholarship money. The Argo Historical Society concentrates on the nostalgia and traditions of this community high school. Naming themselves the ‘Argonauts’ members strive to uphold the high school’s heritage. The Argonauts accept donations such as sports jerseys, yearbooks, pictures or any other type of memento that they find suitable.

A large variety of sports are supported here, soccer, swimming, water polo and wrestling are some of the more unique choices not available everywhere. Summer camp for wrestling, football, basketball, volleyball and tennis among other choices is available and the registration form is attached to a brochure that is downloadable from the website. An ACT question for the day lets students practice up for their ACT exams. A drama club plus instrumental music instruction serve to let everyone explore every avenue of expression to create the most complete background for each and every student.

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