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Aquiestoy: Employee Check-ins with QR Code and Geolocation

In the bustling world of modern business, where efficiency and data-driven decisions are paramount, Aquiestoy emerges as a cutting-edge solution for streamlining employee check-ins. Founded in 2024 by Laurent Schaffner, a seasoned software architect with a knack for innovation, Aquiestoy is a SaaS platform designed to simplify the process of managing workforce attendance in offices and factories. Utilizing QR codes and geolocation technology, Aquiestoy offers a rapid setup, advanced reporting, and insights into working hours, making it an indispensable tool for small to large enterprises.

Company Overview

  • Name: Aquiestoy
  • Year Founded: 2024
  • Type of Company: SaaS, B2B
  • HQ Location: Remote
  • Startup Founders: Laurent Schaffner
  • One-Liner: “They scan, you know.” Self check-in for your workforce.

Progress and Current Status

Currently in the beta-testing phase, Aquiestoy has already garnered a clientele, testament to its effectiveness and the demand for such a solution. The startup is focused on enhancing its SEO and increasing its public presence, aiming to expand its reach and impact in the industry.

Inspiring Story

Aquiestoy’s inception is a story of necessity and innovation. The idea was born out of Laurent Schaffner’s desire to address the challenges faced by small factory owners in tracking employee attendance. Traditional methods like fingerprint systems and paper tracking were unreliable, prompting Schaffner to develop a streamlined and efficient solution. What started as a helpful tool for friends quickly proved its value, leading to the creation of Aquiestoy. This journey from concept to solution highlights the startup’s user-centric approach and dedication to solving real-world problems.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Aquiestoy aims to dominate the employee check-in segment and explore new territories, including camera recognition check-ins for various markets such as gyms and supermarkets. With a vision to provide businesses with critical data on traffic trends, Aquiestoy is poised for significant growth, helping company owners gain better control and insights into their workforce’s movements.

Company Role Model

While Aquiestoy operates in a niche segment focusing on factory and office workers, it admires the achievements of platforms like Clockify for their innovation in time management. However, Aquiestoy differentiates itself by emphasizing not on surveillance but on empowering business owners with tools for better workforce management and understanding employee trends.

Aquiestoy stands as a beacon of innovation in the field of employee management, offering a simple yet powerful solution to age-old challenges. Its commitment to efficiency, data-driven insights, and ease of use positions it as a future leader in the SaaS and B2B space, revolutionizing how businesses monitor and manage their workforce.

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