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Apple Dismisses Rice-Drying Method for Wet iPhones

Apple Dismisses

Apple has publicly criticized the widespread practice of using uncooked rice to revive a soaked iPhone, warning that the method could inflict even more harm due to minuscule rice fragments. The tech titan urges consumers to swiftly power off the impacted gadget and abstain from charging it.

Apple also highlights the necessity of keeping the affected device in a dry, aerated area and recommends seeking immediate expert help from an authorized service center. They also warn against many DIY solutions for water damage, including the popular rice approach, which could do more harm than good.

This advice comes as a response to the growing number of users who use rice in the hopes of withdrawing the excess moisture from their wet devices. It’s a commonly held belief that rice can draw out significant moisture from electronics, thereby fixing them. Yet, this isn’t actually the case. Any rice kernels that wind up inside your gadget can trigger further damage.

Proper drying methods are crucial, and, if necessary, professional help should be sought. Apple’s warning also discourages other typical methods such as air-drying the phone externally or inserting a cotton swab into the phone’s connectors, as these could potentially exacerbate the problem.

Apple strongly suggests against these conventional water damage control attempts. Actions such as applying external heat to speed drying or using cotton swabs to handle moisture within the phone’s connectors can lead to further damage. These actions might interfere with the phone’s internal hardware and could cause irreparable damage or void the warranty.

Follow Apple’s official guidelines for exposure to liquids to ensure the safe and effective resolution of the problem. Apple shared this guidance through the Apple Developer Showcase, unanimously agreeing to allow the device to dry naturally.

Remember, patience during this period can help protect your device from potential internal damage. Apple shared specialized advice for drying devices, such as removing all cables until dry, gently tapping the wet phone to get rid of excess fluid, and waiting at least half an hour before trying to charge or connect anything.

Apple warns not to insert anything into the charging port to remove liquid. Dab gently around the phone with a soft, lint-free cloth to soak up visible moisture. If your phone is particularly wet, use a fan or place it in a well-ventilated space to speed up the drying. Experts stress, however, not to rush the process. Trying to charge prematurely may short circuit the device. Stay away from using heat sources, like a hairdryer, as the heat could cause damage.

If the drying doesn’t work, Apple recommends professional help or considering buying a new iPhone. The company cautions against relying on the dubious rice method.

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