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AppCod.esASO. Remember that word. It stands for “App Store Optimization”, and I’ll eat my hat if it’s not a concept that becomes as popular as that of SEO. I mean, just think about the ever-increasing role that smartphones play in our lives. It’s only natural that more and more mobile apps will be released every year. And that’s why knowing how to make your application come on top of App Store search results is going to become indispensable.

That’s the mission of For $14.95 per month, this company can tell you about which words you should be using when describing your apps so that more and more people find them. And it can tell you about that in real time. That’s what makes this service so interesting. The App Store itself tells you about how effective the words you have chosen are only when the app has been approved, and a full week has elapsed.

And makes staying ahead of your competitors a lot easier by letting you track the mentions they get, and the keywords they’re using themselves.

For now, is focused on Apple’s American store, but the service is going to be expanded if everything goes well. In Their Own Words

App Store SEO.

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