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For those serious pool players there is the American Poolplayers Association at apaleagues.com. The APA is a members only group that allows players to play in tournaments both regionally and around the world. Members gain access to recent pool news, tournament information, and tips and tricks to help improve your game. Members can purchase pool apparel, look up rules on pool and gain access to billiard playing and supply discounts.

One can sign up for tournaments in their local town or play in more competitive state. country or world tournaments at apaleagues.com. The tournaments are run by the APA and a great way for players to improve their skills and have some challenging fun. They use a handicapping system to make the play fair for players of all levels. You can figure out your handicap right on the web page. If you are not ready for tournament play yet, APA also offers lessons from some of the top billiard players in the World including Razor Ray, and Dr Cue. There are multiple videos available that guide you through step by step on how to improve your game or show off a little for your friends.

Apaleagues.com organizes everything you could ever need to be serious about pool in a great format with easy access. Tournament information and sign up is simply a click away. If pool is a sport you are either already crazy about. or one you are interested in taking up then membership at apaleagues.com is worth your time and money.

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