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For a combination of the top headlines from all the national papers and the biggest news making the tabloids, check out Geared toward providing a cheeky take on the day’s headlines, the site’s articles pose interesting questions and encourage readers to talk back and share their thoughts. With separate sections for News, Sports, Politics, Business and Showbiz, any reader can find something of interest on the Anorak. There is even a section dedicated specifically to headlines surrounding the Royal Family.

For a daily laugh, take a look at the Strange But True feature for the most bizarre story from around the world. also has a heavy focus on social media, allowing readers to interact via Twitter and Facebook as well as directly from the main home page. A customized blogroll links to popular columnists who share their thoughts and commentary on current events, social issues and politics around the globe. is not just a news site, but a place for readers and peers to interact. Viewers can discover new music in their favorite genre under the Music section, or get up to date on what’s happening in their favorite TV series under the TV and Radio section. Membership with the Anorak is free, and once you’ve signed up for an account it’s easy to get started posting comments and interacting. The publication is a fantastic mash up of your local paper and your favorite late night talk show. is a great website to add to your favorites.

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