How to submit? – A Great Resource for Animated .gif Images contains a wealth of wacky, fun, creative, and sometimes quite random animated images. With over a thousand .gif animations available to anyone for free, Animationer is a great resource for those looking to browse through animated images for whatever purpose, especially for a website.

Because many of the .gif images provided by are small and thumbnail sized, they are great for use in websites. Those looking to start their own website or simply to add a little bit of flair to an existing website will surely benefit from browsing through the alphabetized list of .gif animations. Animationer provides images from many categories, such as people, animals, rotating objects and words, and more.

These images could be used as hyperlinks or simply to add some fun to a web page. One could choose a man doing pushups to add to a fitness website, an animated “sale” sticker to notify visitors of a sale happening on a business website, or even a dancing baby just to add some lightheartedness to any category of website. Some of these images are functionally useful as well, such as a rotating “back” button to draw attention to an embedded previous page icon, or a flashing “new” animation to signify new content on a site. For almost every type of webpage, there may be several instances where having an appropriate .gif image in a specific place can increase both the total amount of hits to the webpage, as well as providing the webpage with a more completed look.

For those looking for a wealth of .gif animations, is a great place to look.

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