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Angelbabybedding.comAngel Baby Bedding offers beautiful designer and mid-line pricing baby bedding at the lowest costs possible. Some of the items at AngelBabyBedding.

com include: Baby Monitors, Baby Furniture, Baby Bedding, Nursery Accessories, Designer Baby Blankets, 10 Piece Nursery To Go Sets and much more. Angel Baby Bedding offers Lay-Away, Coupons, Nursery Package Programs and many more programs to ensure the customer receives the best deal possible on their purchase.

Why It Might Be A Killer

More than quadrupling in sales within 1 year, Angel Baby Bedding offers the most crib sets at the cheapest prices. Angel Baby Bedding also offers programs that no other online baby bedding retailer offers such as Lay-Away, Nursery Package Programs, Multiple Accessories Discounts, and Discounts for Twins and Triplets.

Angel Baby Bedding was founded by a mother of 2 and currently is in lead competition with Babies R Us, and many more. Angel Baby Bedding is fully operated by one woman, the owner, Laura Helvey. She designs, maintains and updates the website, does the ordering from the companies, takes orders from customers, handles all customer service, accounting and financials, handles all shipping and more.

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