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AncientScripts.Com – From Prehistory To Today

AncientScripts.ComIt is a project made by a linguistic lover that has very good information. This website is intended to give an introduction to writing systems and linguistics from ancient times to today.

With categories such as writing systems, phonetics and historical linguistics, it might as well be the most up to date and complete site of ancient writing. News about recent archaeological findings regarding ancient writing systems are constantly updated, making this site a reliable source to find information about writing. You also have a game section, which is still in construction but has one game; a Memory-like one but with hieroglyphics and ancient letters so as to tease your brain a little more. Downloads section features ancient fonts made by the author and will be updated soon as well as the gaming section. As a linguistic enthusiast, the owner of this site is always concerned about having the most up to date information. It might as well be considered as a very reliable source regarding ancient writing. AncientScripts.Com

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