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Share on: provides users with a wide range of information about recent generations of their family.

Visitors will have to fill in a simple form in order to get results.
Users are able to perform their own family tree, and search other people’s family trees as well. One of the most important categories named Ancestry community provides visitors the opportunity to share research or ideas with other Ancestry members.
Allows users to create their own profile so that other researchers or family members can find them. In addition, users are able to get information about historical records. In Their Own Words

“Enter a few simple facts about recent generations of your family. We’ll use what you enter to try and find more about your family in the world’s largest online collection of historical records and family trees.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a great sites were visitors can learn more about their ancestors, and get in taught with others people history. It is a really interesting site, easy to handle with and with a simple vocabulary. In addition, offers a great service and it is FREE!

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Are they willing to change or improve sites design? Not appealing website. Where is the profit?

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