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Amarillo National Bank’s services online and an easy way to see the availability of their services they provide that you may not already be aware of. They’ve taken checking accounts to a new level, allowing for online bill payment options, electronic statements, even mobile banking. You can view your accounts online, from their offered Plastic Student Account to CDs by visiting

Their education center offers answers to questions regarding their services, but also information about credit scores and links to the three major agencies. If you want to learn more about how to improve your credit score, they offer suggestions and even recommend you visit a nearby branch to speak with a representative. They are a locally owned and operated bank without stockholders while still being FDIC insured. There are also tips on ways to help with identity protection and your own online security.

For a business, ANB offers online banking, direct deposit payroll, even payroll cards. You can also set up your excess account balances to an overnight investment firm and redeposit in the mornings, including the new interest earned. Remote Deposit Capture is also supported by ANB; checks can be deposited electronically from your office safely and securely. Monthly statements and account information is tailored to your business needs, as well.

Commercial customers can also find advantages at that meet their specific needs. There are programs to help cattlemen with their needs, contractors with loans for buildings or equipment and other lines of business credit.

Whichever type of banking customer you are, Amarillo National Bank has the services and the staff to meet your needs. gives a clear, detailed view of what they offer and how it may apply to your situation.

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