How to submit? – For People Who Love Curves is the website for the magazine of the same name, which is devoted to women in various forms of undress. It is probably not safe for work, since it features pictorials of young women in various states of undress. There is no total nudity on americancurvesmag, but a lot of pictures of the genre formerly known as cheesecake.

Visitors to may enjoy the numerous pictures scattered throughout the site, including a Girl of the Day and a multiple page Gallery that features a wide variety of pictures. The Girl of the Day page links to previous pictorial spreads of other models, each one accompanied by commentary from the editors of the site. The AC Nooner is a special feature of americancurvesmag, allowing visitors to sign up for a daily email delivery of special content containing the model of the week, an exclusive pictorial, and sneak previews of the upcoming edition of the print magazine. also includes a number of health and lifestyle articles primarily aimed at men, including exercise, diet and sexuality tips. This information is found on the home page as well as the ‘Tips’ section of americancurvesmag. There is a substantial amount of video content for free viewing, plus downloadable desktop wallpaper featuring various americancurvesmag girls. Visitors may also subscribe to the print version of the magazine or may buy individual issues online. Free previews of each edition are archived on the site, arranged chronologically for easy viewing. presents its content in very clear, high resolution style and is naughty without being obscene.

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