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American Soccer Blog –

American Soccer BlogThis blog is purely dedicated to anything that is related to the United States soccer national team. In essence the blog has all the information one could conceive in relation to any single active player that has played for the US Men’s soccer team.

On this blog you are going to find different articles about different players as well as a section where you will find specific information about the U.S. Soccer goalkeepers and defenders, as well as midfielders, and forwards.

In case you want to read interesting data about some of the most famous and heroic American players that are no longer playing soccer, the site has also an alumni section you will greatly enjoy. As any other great blogs is a nice source of pictures and articles about many other topics like the National Team’s calendar, and links to interesting sites such as the official site of the US National Soccer Players Association. In case you love this sport and you want to learn more about the most important U.S soccer players give this blog a visit at American Soccer Blog

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