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One of the many ways media companies promote their products is through the creation of customized web sites. is one such site, designed to stir interest in the movie of the same name, which was directed by Ridley Scott and released in the US on November 2nd, 2007. As such, it is out of date but an interesting example of the genre.

The site features the film’s logo centered on the top of the page, flanked by pictures of the stars Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. It includes a summary of the plot of the movie, which is a biography of drug kingpin Frank Lucas (Washington). He gained vast riches by smuggling drugs from Southeast Asia in the caskets of soldiers who died in the Vietnam War. American-Gangster centers on the conflict between Lucas and lawman Richie Roberts (Crowe). There is a full cast listing of the major players, links to clips from the film, the theatrical trailer and video interviews with members of the cast. American-Gangster also has links to production pictures, movie posters and related links such as fan sites for the stars of the production. The cast listing items are all clickable, taking the visitor to a new page for each person with biographical and career information, which is quite extensive. The trailer for American Gangster is embedded in the homepage and runs continuously, while the remainder of the page is taken up with pictures of the various cast members and some ads for non-related products.

American-gangster In The Web

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