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Ambassador Baptist College (ABC) boasts a mission shared by only a select few Christian colleges, according to, the university’s website. That mission involves specifically training students to serve full time as ministers and representatives of God’s word. As a single focus college, the school offers programs to secure a Bachelors or Masters degree in Biblical Studies, or graduate programs to earn a Masters in Ministries or Sacred Theology. General courses offered include a three year Graduate of Theology program for men, a two year Church Secretary program for women and a one year certificate program in the Bible.

Evangelist Ron Comfort received the vision for Ambassador Baptist College in 1987 and for two years after that engaged in a fundraising and informational campaign in which he traveled to many areas, sharing his vision and goal with other ministers and Christians. As explained on, after raising nearly half a million dollars, he opened the university in Shelby, North Carolina in 1989, with 37 students. In time, and as the student population and faculty grew, the need manifested for a larger campus and in 1997 the school relocated to Lattimore, North Carolina.

The website’s Testimonials page allows interested individuals to read the experiences of men and women students of ABC who find the college’s programs a literal God-send in helping them fulfill the calling they have deep conviction and devotion toward. The Social Media page provides links on where to connect with the school on Facebook, Twitter and via email and Google Plus.

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