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Share on: is a survey site that allows individuals that are willing to complete a multi-page survey about products and/or services that they have received or would like to receive in order to gain a free gift. The gift is generally something nice, like an iPad or a gift certificate to a store or restaurant. The different levels of survey that are completed generally require that some money be spent. Trials that have to be completed on some level include a free trial for a credit report, signing up for a service such as Netflix or Direct TV. This is companies way of gaining new customers and getting the money for the gift without a direct sale. is not the only website that does this. There are thousands across the internet. Most people find them as spam, now, and ignore them completely. Often, pop-up blockers hide them from the browsers. Some developers have made them into a “straight-site”, which means that they must be typed in via domain name in order for them to appear, and they will not appear as a pop-up. When this occurs, many people simply exit the screen. There have been instances where websites such as these have caused viruses on individuals home computers. in particular offers a free ipod for completing the specified survey, and submitting to two offers that must be selected from a list. Once the offers have been confirmed, and some of which have to be waited on for 30 days or more, the free ipod is supposedly shipped out. Whether or not any one legitimately receives these gifts is a mystery to most, as everyone with a brain exits out of said websites, these days.

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