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Rugby fans take their sport of choice very seriously in Europe, as evidenced by the hype and mania that surround the All Blacks team from New Zealand. Their website,, contains a prominent link for the team’s BackingBlack fan club and the five point creed members commit to following. The points dictate that fans support the team no matter what, resist any negativity or temptation to act like sore losers, in case of a loss, and that all follow principles of good sportsmanship; including refraining from booing at matches and criticizing team members.

Site visitors can access a full team roster showing names and photos at, and can read bios on the 16 forwards and 17 backs currently on the team. The History page highlights special and significant moments from the Blacks’ competitions, like the team’s victory at the 2011 Rugby World Cup challenge in which they brought home the coveted Webb Ellis Cup, or a brief summary of the historic game held in 1924 between the All Blacks and the London Counties.

To be sure, no shortage of news headlines exists on the all Black website which has its own news page, a news ticker and a section for fans to post their own stories. Additionally, site guests can take a look at current year statistics, as well as the team’s record dating back to 2004. truly qualifies as a place to find out all things about All Blacks, the team of men in all black uniforms taking the world of rugby by storm.

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