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Share on: is the website of an extremely famous night club in Orange County, California. Chain Reaction is one of the hottest spots to hit if visiting the Los Angeles area. There are always amazing acts playing at this venue. This website keeps everyone up to date about who is going to be performing on stage and when, as well as what age groups are invited. Almost every show is available to all ages, making this one of the most rare venues in the country. Many venues prefer to keep the crowds at least 18 years old and up, due to liability. believes that everyone should be able to see their heroes, not just those old enough to smoke and buy beer. provides all the information needed to find the club. Directions can be found with a map in the directions section of the site, as well as the contact information for bands wishing to book their acts. The tickets are for sale under the tickets tab. The website also reminds individuals that tickets are priced fairly for the type of venue and acts that come to the area. The ticket sales help the bar make up for lost alcohol sales and allow the owners to continue admitting minors.

Customer service information is found under the contact link as well, providing an email address and contact phone number to the venue and talent manager. If a person has an issue after ordering a ticket, the customer service number on the ticket ordering page should be consulted.

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