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The website is an advertiser funded cyber destination for fans of Madonna. The site is focused on tracking the artist and everything about her. Nothing on the website is actual content provided by Madonna, Warner Music, Live Nation or the Creative Artists Agency, and no affiliation is implied. However, the site is loaded with information and news gathered from around the world including original stories and photos from contributions made by guests of the site. The site encourages members to post stories and comments, photos and articles about Madonna and her activities around the world. As a fansite, is divided into fourteen major sections, including an extensive biography that follows every major event of Madonna’s life beginning with her move to New York in 1977 through today. A full area is devoted to reprints of interviews with the star as they appeared in various publications. Full credit is given to the original magazine or person who conducted the interview. A photo gallery hosts hundreds of original and user contributed images.

All of Madonna’s 100 plus albums and movie soundtracks are listed along with the original cover art. For visitors hoping to find videos, every video she ever performed in is listed and many have links to watch immediately or download. For youtubers, has created a channel called, “all about Madonna – Mtube” where they posts copies of many trailers, interviews and advertisements featuring the pop star. As a final offering for fans, there are 40 high resolution images available for download and use as computer wallpaper.

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