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All the links to the latest on what is happening to mother India now.

Share on: is a SPA or a Single Page Aggregator or your own Personal News DashBoard which displays the latest news specific to India.

47Feeds pulls the latest RSS feeds from all the major news sites in India. The main purpose of the site is to provide a quick glance on what’s happening without using your desktop/web RSS reader. It’s great because it gives you a quick glimpse at what’s happening in India and beats having to subscribe to all of these sites.

47Feeds displays the latest headlines from the major news sites in India on a variety of categories (currently 15 categories from 100’s of different sources). The first few lines of each news are displayed when you hover over a headline. New news since the last time you viewed the page are highlighted in light color for easy viewing. Our features include the ability to resize fonts in the display, change the order of the feeds shown, change the background colors etc on the fly.

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