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Affixa.comAs it is pointed online, there are many Windows applications that have built-in capabilities to send e-mail messages. Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat spring easily to mind.

The one complication is that web-based e-mail providers such as Yahoo or Gmail are left out of the picture. What Affixa does, then, is to make your webmail account become part of Windows, send messages this way, and attach files to new messages that you want to send using these webmail services.

Some features of note include the handling of “mailto” links as well as integration. On the other hand, when attaching a file you can easily resize your photos and shrink the size of what you are sending by zipping it up. For its part, a console gives users the ability to jump form mail system to system anytime. The latter ability is privative of those who go for the paid version.

That is, two versions of Affixa already exist. A free one is provided for you to get into the twist of things, whereas a paid licence can be procured for further flexibility and additional features, such as the one that was just mentioned. An Enterprise Adoption Program is included for those who want to deploy the application on a large scale, too. In Their Own Words

“Affixa makes your webmail account part of Windows. All the features available in Windows that were once only available to your desktop mail-using friends are now available to everyone!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a solution provides users with a supple way of accessing their favorite webmail accounts by integrating them with Windows seamlessly.

Some Questions About

Which webmail services are not supported yet and should be accounted for as soon as possible?

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