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Put 100% Of Your Online Advertising Dollars Into Winning Campaigns

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Too expensive. Too complicated. Too time consuming. If you’re a small to medium-sized business owner, you may very well have used one of these common arguments to talk yourself out of using online advertising to grow your business.


For a long time, no one would have faulted you for your reasoning. Only now, those explanations no longer cut it.


Adzuum offers an easy-to-use, flexible platform that makes online advertising a more affordable option for smaller companies. Time to boost your brand and draw more traffic to your business – without a huge time commitment or much technical skill.






Depending on how involved you care to be in the process, Adzuum offers two kinds of accounts: self service or managed service.


Self Service

This type of account gives you control over your ad campaigns while technology does all the heavy lifting. According to the website, here’s how it works:

“Through our Real-Time Bidding platform, you can set maximum bids and budgets and determine your ideal customer. The system then automatically bids for relevant space in real-time so you target the most valuable prospects at the price you are prepared to invest to secure the best results. You can even tailor the ad message to specific audiences.”


Basically, you construct your display ad and Adzuum sees that it reaches the right audience at the price that is right for you. This saves a lot of time usually spent targeting customers. Straightforward reports spare the trouble of determining how well your campaigns are working, while the certainty that you’ll always stay within your budget provides great stress relief.


No large contract commitment means that you can pay as you go, making adjustments to match your changing needs.



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One key detail about both the self service and managed service accounts that will appeal to any business owner is that 100% of your investment goes into advertising. Not a penny is eaten up by agency or management fees.


Managed Service

There are many outlets to consider for advertising these days, as well as different advertising channels – display, search, social and mobile, for example. Figuring out where to direct your dollars and what works best can balloon easily into an unmanageable burden. Throw in creating and tracking each ad campaign, and it’s all too much for a business owner to handle when a marketing department isn’t a realistic option (Yet!).


With a managed service accounts, Adzuum offers a variety of packages (ranging from Lite to Pro) for managing ads across different channels. The service takes over the ad process for you, from creation to distribution to tracking and reporting. You have the flexibility to choose which package is right for your business. Again, there aren’t any setup or management fees, so putting your ads out in the world is as simple as selecting your target.


Visit to explore what account works best for you. Name your target and price, and let Adzuum help you begin marketing effectively in minutes.


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