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As a 26-year-old divorcée and college graduate, I like to consider myself a grown-up. I’ve backpacked across Europe on my own, helped raise other people’s children, been left to “tend the homestead” as an army wife, and represented myself pro se in my (admittedly amicable) divorce.


No matter how good at adulting I get, though, legal services are a bit of a mystery to me and definitely bring out my childish side. I’ll admit that the word “lawyers” conjures up an image of stuffy adults in suits, employed by people with more money than they know what to do with. But, obviously, there are lots of situations in life that might lead you to need a lawyer – whether it’s a divorce, an issue with a landlord, or a tax question, we all could use some legal advice every now and then. But how do you find the right lawyer?


A quick google search of lawyers in my area brings up an overwhelming flood of results, without much of a way for me as a layperson to tell Eve from Adam. Combing through their websites and contacting them to see if they can handle the issue I’m having would be boring and forevertaking.


That’s where RSVP Law comes in.



RSVP Law, founded in 2013, is a free legal service that personally helps individuals, businesses, and start-ups find the lawyer that best meets their specific needs, and boasts services to 210+ cities in all 50 states, with over 125 areas of law covered.


By “free,” they really mean free. There are no charges, no hidden fees, and they don’t sell your info.


And here I thought nothing to do with lawyers was free!


“Personally” means just that – real, live people, and not a computer-generated list. You submit a request (accepted 24/7) via email, website form, phone, Facebook, Twitter, or text with your needs, and they will assign you a dedicated person to communicate with so they can make sure they understand. That person then finds lawyers for you and gives you a list of those who match your request, either by phone or email (your call).


Curious what others have sought help for? Current trending areas of law are adoption, auto accident, copyright, custody, landlord/tenant, personal injury, and tax. Worried your request is too complicated or difficult? RSVP Law encourages you to keep in mind that they “love a challenge.”


A free service that finds the right lawyers for your specific legal needs? How much easier can adulting get?



For those of us who kind of enjoy their amateur forays into law, RSVP Law is building a free library of law and legal information, which will be searchable by city or area of law. They say that only fools represent themselves, so perhaps I am, but I would have loved this resource when I was filing my divorce paperwork, or the few times I considered – and failed to, because adulting is hard sometimes – hiring a lawyer. Check it out here, where you can comment and let them know if there’s a specific area of law you’d like them to add.


If you’re as much of a fool for this idea as I am, you can stay up-to-date through their blog, Facebook, or Twitter.


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