Business Integration Platform Adeptia Provides More Efficient Way To Manage Customer Data Exchange

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A major roadblock that stands between retailers and profit margins is legacy IT that causes delays in invoice processing & data onboarding. Available solutions usually mean traditional integration and connectivity solutions which are developer tools that are designed to be used by engineers and programmers. Adeptia – a business application, not a developer tool – offers a powerful retail integration solution to address these issues for industries including insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, payroll & benefits services, rail logistics, and retail.

Adeptia helps large enterprises simplify their business data exchange through self-service B2B data integration. This business integration platform allows even non-technical users to build data connections between partners and customers with drag-and-drop ease. Adeptia makes customer data onboarding easy through automation, thus helping their clients become easier to do business with. Additionally, they help large enterprises grab more market share by revolutionizing their data ecosystem.


Adeptia allows business to:

Fast-Forward Revenues: Usually, it takes an enterprise service provider an average of 8 to 18 weeks to onboard new customers’ data. That means those businesses are waiting 8 to 18 weeks before they can deliver services or earn revenues from new accounts. Adeptia’s solution enables companies to accelerate customer data onboarding. Instead of from months, it can take a matter of minutes.

Be Easier To Do Business With: Adeptia makes it easier to do business with your company because instead of waiting for IT to custom code support for company-to-company integrations is not scalable or sustainable, you can start those customer relationships immediately, empower your business users to perform B2B integration operations, and make onboarding easy, fast, and secure.

Reduce B2B Operating Costs: Doing business efficiently with customers is not just about speaking EDI or other data formats, or even getting all the mapping right. It’s about automating all of the processes involved — human workflows, exception and error handling, data validation and routing, last-mile integration into backend systems. Adeptia is a platform that can orchestrate every step of the B2B integration process.


Adeptia has a ton of interesting and useful features to help you be more productive and efficient and achieve better business results, including:

  • Collaboration Portal for Internal and External Users
  • Customer and Supplier Portal
  • Shared Templates
  • Application Connectors
  • Transaction Configuration Wizard
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Messaging
  • Security
  • Access On-Premise Data
  • Data Formats
  • Data Protocols
  • Data Mapping
  • Triggers and Events
  • One-to-Many Approach



Adeptia offers both a demo if you’d like to learn more, as well as a 30-day free trial if you want to take their product out for a spin before committing.


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