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Addthis.comAddthis offers widgets for your website or blog to help your visitors recognize you and promote you around the cyberspace. You can choose between a bookmarking widget or a feed widget, according to your personal interest.

It doesn’t matter if you own a proper website, a blog, a MySpace page, an Ezine or a Newsletter, Addthis has the widget for you! All this is even available if you do not own an account on, but if you should decide to sign up, you get free stats on what your visitors bookmark on your page and how often they do this. In short word, Addthis is an application tool which permits users to collect information online with just one click, and then send it to either one of the four services available: bookmarking service, feed reader, shopping service or podcast application.
By adding the Addthis button, either to your website or your browser, you will be making it easier for your visitors to collect, save and distribute your work, or bookmark your site, subscribe to your feeds and save your podcasts. In Their Own Words

“Simple recognizable widgets to help your visitors save and promote your website or blog to the social bookmarking and feed reader services!”

Why It Might Be A Killer offers a totally free and simple way for your website or blog to be distributed among the cyberspace community with just one simple click. It has an easy layout with helping “how-to” instructions for the less experienced web surfers.

Some Questions About

Will bookmarking indiscriminately really help to recognize the “gems” out there on the cyberspace?

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