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The next big thing

It doesn’t take a lot to realize that around the world, young entrepreneurs have started talking compulsively about creating “the next big thing”. In New York, San Francisco and the world over, investors are having lunches just talking about it.

Something is clear: entrepreneurs want to hit it big with “the next big thing” and investors want to finance it. aims to help them both by reviewing up-and-coming internet startups right on the spot, right at their birth.

We’re one big startup family is part of a family of sites including,, and We are joined by over 600,000 startup companies and the 14 million backers, investors, and supporters who love them.

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Fundable is the world’s largest business funding platform, with over $140 million in commitments to startups in every industry.


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Launchrock is an audience building platform used by 300,000+ startups seeking to attract and grow a customer base.


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Bizplan is a service that helps startups develop plans that get funded by focusing on what matters most to investors.