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SwiftPress.comAre you looking for an easy way to deliver your newsletters? This might be good news for you because Swiftpress is an interesting online resource where you can find the information you need to accomplish that goal.


Sending an email newsletter seems to be a useful task to accomplish when you need to advertize any service or you just need to communicate anything.

Swiftpress has come to the market with the simple intention of keeping this process as simple as it might be possible.

This is a simple service you can use right now and you just need to enter the message, and the system will send it for you effectively. You just need to provide a mailing list to get your newsletter distributed . After you provide these details and you make a very small payment you will get a report with interesting and useful data.

This service provides you with a URL for your HTML message, and Swiftpress will send your message to the addresses you have provided. After that, you can keep track of your messages’ status to verify if it has reached the people that were intended to. In Their Own Words

“Sometimes you just want to send an email newsletter. Swiftpress keeps the process simple. You provide the message. We deliver it. One mailing list, one payment plan and a report you can comprehend at a glance.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be interesting to many people that want to effectively send their newsletter in a simple way.

Some Questions About

This is an interesting solution for all those that want to be benefited with this kind of services.


Author : Paul Barker

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