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SupercoolSchool.comIt looks like every barrier that people used to associate with distance education has already been taken down by the latest developments that the WWW has brought along. The Supercool School platform is a case in point.


Generally speaking, it is a system whereby any teacher or educator can come up with a customized education environment that can be used for online learning.

The emphasis of the whole package is on being easy to use, and this translates into an online school being created in just a couple of keystrokes and clicks. All you have to do is give the school a name, add a logo, and choose whether it will be a private institution or a public one. You then add classes and promote them. The classes themselves are delivered and recorded online, and courses are officially on.

In a certain sense, the finished school is not that dissimilar to a virtual meeting room within a social networking site with a touch of a marketplace where services (IE, classes) are offered,

The big aim of Supercool School is to create a better infrastructure for education – one that transcends the impediments that physical barriers have always implied, and give people the world over ready access to high-quality education. In Their Own Words

“Supercool School is an online school platform that empowers everyone to create customized education environments for live online learning.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a platform, it is flexible enough to meet the demands of younger generations that have a notably characteristic attention span.

Some Questions About

Can classes be recorded and broadcast in any language whatsoever?


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