search cancel – Where To Submit Your Startup“Never again wonder where to launch your startup” is the motto of this new online resource. In essence, it features the most recommended blogs you can submit your startup to for it to be reviewed.


The site also lets the user find and contribute tips on how to get a review, get accurate data about each blog and easily tip off your startup and be reviewed.

As a user, you can select your startup blogs by their Alexa Rank, Page Rank, the language that is used, and also which countries the visitors come from.

A noteworthy aspect is that the data which SubmitStartup captures is analyzed over time by a proprietary algorithm to rank blogs by the value they provide to their visitors, taking into account estimated traffic and also the expected outcome that a post from any given blog can redound to.

All in all, an interesting way for current and budding netpreneurs to put themselves and their projects across more efficiently, and without having to incur into any cost or time-consuming operation. In Their Own Words

“Submit Startup is a specialized online directory listing Startup Blogs with the aim to bridge the gap between Netpreneurs and Bloggers in regards too, where to submit your startup.

It provides a list of Startup Blogs that Netpreneurs can choose from to launch their online startups. It provides statistical traffic and ranking details of online startup blogs which would be of interest to Netpreneurs and helps both webmasters and netprenuers to establish a common ground on what they perceive as the value of choosing one another.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The process of finding the right site for your startup to be featured is made considerably easier using a service like this one.

Some Questions About

Which additional tools like widgets and the like are available through the site? Which ones should become available?


Author : Bruce Turner

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