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SportSpotter.comFans of any sport are bound to take a liking to this site. In essence, SportSpotter is a social service for real-time sports updates.


It covers 115 sports, in 225 countries and more than 500 000 sports feeds. These feeds are provided by users that have joined the site and become members, and are made up of “spottings”. A spotting is a text message that has a maximum of 239 characters, whose content is anything which is related to sports. From sports news and updates to overall insight and commentary, it is all accepted here. As long as its sports-related it will make it to the feeds.

This information is accessible both on your desktop and your mobile. This means that if someone tells you about a rumor concerning this or that player and you are not at home you can check the site from your mobile and see if there is a spotting that deals with that.

Ultimately, real-time sports updates which are generated by the community are something that can draw many people in, if only because they are a true live wire of insight, opinion and even humor. There is bound to be something for everybody in such a setting. In Their Own Words

“SportSpotter is a social service for realtime sports updates.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a platform can act as a true bridge connecting sports fans the world over.

Some Questions About

How will the site advertise itself?


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