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Gne.Flickr.comGame Neverending, the massively multiplayer online game from Ludicorp aka the Flickr group has been resurrected. Unlike your usual MMOG fare, Game Neverending is premised on lightheartedness and humor, in other words, you really can’t win.


No bloodshed, no gore, no warfare—no wonder it was shuffled off to the dead pool. However, in its new incarnation brings back this joviality allowing players to craft their object manipulation skills and socialize, something we’re used to in this 2.0 age. Objects can be combined to create other objects; they can be manipulated just to see what happens. You can move around and explore possibly empty stores. And if that gets old, start chatting with your fellow players. The game uses your Flickr account info for login. In Their Own Words

“The Game Neverending is a web-based massively multiplayer online game of social, political and economic interactions. This is the prototype version, a sneak peek at what’s to come in “the big game.” It’s being developed by Ludicorp.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The appeal of this game is its light core. It’s got a suburban/urban base—you’re not in fantasy land—and that aspect is definitely attractive to those interested in relation building and attaining goals rather than simply going into destructo mode. It’s different from the rest. It has a smart sensibility that many will enjoy.

Some Questions About

I think the concept of a game you can’t win will strike many as odd and therefore useless. These days the kids want action packed shoot em up fare with destruction at every corner. Game Neverending with its light approach simply doesn’t have that edge.


Author : Siri Marshall

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