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DomainMonkey.comIf looking up a new domain name for your killer startup is the order of the day, then a site such as this one might just do the trick. In essence, it is a domain auction and parking website that will let you come across names ranging far and wide, and procure any that seems promising on the spot.


In addition to carrying out specific searches that can be refined by number of views and minimum offers, the site will let you browse the existing names by category. These are very encompassing, and some of the featured ones include “Sports”, “Technology”, “Careers/Education” and “Business/Law/Finance”.

Once you have found one that seems that suit your needs, you can actually negotiate in order to arrive at the best possible price both for you and the one who is selling it.

On the other hand, those who have any unused domain can easily park it and turn something that plays a passive role into an active source of income. The service also includes detailed stats so that you can keep track of how many visitors your domains are receiving. In Their Own Words

“Domain Monkey is a domain auction and parking website that allows it’s users to manage their entire domain portfolio. This website will allow you to buy and sell domain names and at the same time make revenue by parking some of your unused domains.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides both buyers and sellers with a supple platform where they can interact and arrive at a final price that would benefit them both.

Some Questions About

What fees must be paid for using this service?


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