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Digg-Diversity.comIf you like the concept that lays at the heart of Digg but for some reason or the other are not really that keen on the actual implementation, then I advice you to read on. This new online resource aims to better the existing Digg algorithm and present the user with a more accurate one.


The exact expression which is used on the site is “corrupt”, and this new initiative aims to solve that corruption.

The website, then, stands as an “alternate” Digg which has the objective of providing users with a more reliable collection of items that are posted and publicized. All the navigation options that one readily associates with Digg are featured, including the list of categories and a list named “Top in All Topics” for immediate reference.

Other than that, the site merits no further explanations. If you are interested in remaining abreast of the latest developments in any given topic, this will do the trick. More reliably than Digg? I will let you visit the site by yourself and see whether or not it resonates with you. In Their Own Words

“This project is dedicated to the betterment of the Digg community and algorithm by competition. Although Digg has a decent algorithm, it is quite visibly rife with corruption.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Digg is one of the information hubs bar none. Anything that (in theory) makes it more reliable is meant to gather some momentum.

Some Questions About

How does this exactly work from a technical point of view?


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